Want the dirt on little ole me? Well, here are my stats, I’m a 48 year old woman who has been married twice but has decided not to have children. I am an atheist who lives in the big city.  Got the picture? Well now throw it away because that don’t mean shit! Those are just stats but they don’t paint the full picture, as your stats don’t paint your full picture either. Want to know more about me, come in and poke around.

Now, about this blog stuff. This blog is about anything and everything that makes me laugh, cry, shake my fists in the air, heave big chunks, shakes me to my core or makes me think. Join me with your favorite beverage be it coffee, tea, or boozy in nature. I hope to provoke you to think and inspire you to expand your mind, provide you with an opportunity to look at things from a new/different perspective, or highlight the struggles and accomplishments of others or just make you laugh.

Because guess what people, we aren’t on this big rock alone and our world is bigger than our Face Book or Snap Chat circles.  If you find my words offensive and you are clutching your pearls way too often, my advice is to stop fucking reading or carry on and challenge yourself to be a bit uncomfortable and maybe ask yourself “why is this bothering me?” Change never happens from the comfort zone.

Because I do use naughty language, cause I’m a grown ass person.  No one is forcing you to be here so if his offensive or risque or whatever, you get to practice personal choice. YAY personal choice. It’s a lovely thing isn’t it. Use it while it’s still legal!

However, I don’t shy away from a little debate so please feel free to comment. It just has to be respectful no name calling, this isn’t grade school. You can swear but make sure it’s worth it!

Beware you are now leaving the comfort zone.

Enjoy Wellsie.