America BYOS: Be Your Own Savior.

Photo by Joseph Novak.

Since last November it has been a whirlwind of sleazy characters slithering out from underneath rocks where decent society left them, sanity arm-wrestling with insanity (and losing most days), truth being called fake, history being usurped with attempts to rewrite it to suit the powerful, news being replaced by scandal in a political climate that seems more like that of a horribly written soap opera, basic juvenile frat boy behavior and the mental and emotional exhaustion of a battle weary country. Yet yesterday, a small glimmer of hope came when two prominent Republican politicians called out Trump. They recognized that in order to win in the party they once called “home” and thought they understood, they would have to become loud mouthed crude carnival barkers like Trump and dumb everything down in order to placate the anger of the base. Senator Flake decided that in order to say what he truly wanted to say about Trump and his “party supporters” he would have to take himself out of the political line of fire and take off the shock collar many are now made to wear to ensure that they heel to this petulant toddler’s demands.

We are at a very crucial time in our history and the divides that have existed in America for a long time are being cut even deeper. The sad part is that Trump and Bannon have sold to their supporters the narrative that they, and they alone, are “the saviors” of our country, and the only ones who can take them to the promised land and get shit done. Trump has become so punch drunk on his own Kool-Aid that he fancies himself an intellectual man of morals; a phrase that makes me both laugh and throw up a bit in my mouth.  Trump and Bannon both have spent their lives thus far, pursuing THEIR own goals and securing THEIR own financial futures and those of THEIR families. They have benefited from white privilege and legal loopholes just like many in their social class.  And for anyone to think, for even a moment, that they now have had some “light of Jesus” hit them, and they now want to focus on the betterment of society, is smoking something very powerful and most likely illegal! Put down the pipe! It’s time to get sober.

Right now there are some people who are giving into their anger and allowing that and all the lowest forms of behavior that comes with it to guide them; maybe they feel morally justified, which historically speaking is a very dangerous space from which to operate. Have they been forgotten? Possibly. Who forgot them? The very business people Trump claims can save them. It wasn’t the establishment politicians alone, it was establishment politicians and establishment businessmen who used their incredible wealth to create a world that will continue to prop them up.

Oh course “establishment” politicians have allowed themselves to be wooed by these very rich men, who have spent lots of money on these fancy “establishment” call girls in Washington, telling them how pretty they are and how much they love them. And while they are being wined and dined, they use America as the hanky to wipe the illicit juices off their dicks after the party is over and before they head back to their respectable homes. Our futures and freedoms are being bought and sold between big business, many of which are run by very wealthy established families and politicians. Do you honestly think that now they will all start working for you and your interest?

America, you are acting like a poor delusional mistress who thinks that “one day he will leave his wife and we will be happy.” America, girl you in trouble and there is no savior who will ride in and save the day. All of this has happened because we have fallen asleep at the wheel, all of us have become lazy in our civic responsibilities and let these fools take advantage. IT IS TIME TO WAKE UP!  You can change out the establishment politicians with corrupt corporate man handlers but the result will be the same, more policy driven by the wealthy for the wealthy.  It benefits them to keep us in our place, it benefits them to keep us fighting among ourselves, and it benefits them for us to think that they give two fucks about us. Well I can tell you one thing, they might be able to buy lots of fancy designer items, but when it comes to fucks they don’t seem to have the budget for that.

Regardless of what side you prefer politically, we are the ones that have to write the music to which these assholes will be made to dance. Because what they fail to mention is that it isn’t government that is the evil here, it is the people who have usurped it for their own private gain. Oh and usurp is just a fancy college way of saying they took that shit over for themselves! I’m pretty sure that many of you who are parents wouldn’t want your children to behave that way, so why do we find it acceptable to let grown men do it?

Many among us, claim to be believers in god and claim to have morality, yet you let these leaders vilify the weakest among us and screw them over at every turn. You allow them to set standards of behavior that they don’t themselves live up to like work hard and pull yourself up by your own bootstrap. Many of these wealthy players have always lived in wealth and they don’t pull themselves up, if it looks like industry favor might be slipping they buy a politician to make laws to keep us on their chain. They don’t change or invest , they create rules that favor their main streams of income.  You allow rich people to decide who is worthy and who is not. You allow rich people to take more for themselves, all in the hopes that one day they will swing open the doors and let you in to feast at their table and enjoy the same opportunities they do, while they are actively working against the forces of fair play. You allow them to erode our educational system, so that only a few choice children can get a good primary education (K-12th grade,) while the rest are relegated to failing schools, some of which  look like third world war zones. You allow the same rich people to require that everyone who works in their businesses has to have a college degree, thereby condemning many to huge debts early on in their lives, because they view higher education as a privilege for a few, not a right. You don’t realize that this is just another way to weed out the “unworthy” lower classes and many people of color.

And you allow them to manipulate the health care debate so that they can focus your attention on losing “personal freedom” or scaring you with Communism, instead of what you would gain which is less expensive health care for all. Because that argument supports big pharma and insurance companies, not us. And I think the main reason they don’t support universal health is because if we had a universal health scheme that everyone had access to, small business would thrive. People, average people, would have a real choice as to where they work instead of having to work for a some large corporation in order to avoid going bankrupt keeping their families healthy.

For example, I used to work with a single mom in NYC who had two children and two elderly parents to care for. She lived in NJ, because rents in the city are insane, and good paying jobs in her area are hard to find. She had a long commute daily traveling back and forth to work for this massive financial firm, whose CEO made well over $15 million every year as a “bonus” on top of his large salary, yet paid her under $65K, which is peanuts in this area! That should be criminal but we look at that and shrug our shoulders. When we should be grabbing our pitchforks and flooding the streets en masse ala French Revolution style and making these rich pigs shutter with fear in their very fine Italian shoes and think twice before treating us like this.

If you do believe in a god, and you believe that god is good and fair, then how do you justify what we are all witnessing today? We have watched for years as greed has put this country into a choke hold and it won’t let go until the last bit of democratic air has been squeezed out! If you think Trump and Bannon care about you, you’ve got to have a “come to Jesus moment” with yourself, but make it fast! Because we need you now! The time for complacency and laziness are over. The very threads of the foundations of our country are being pulled apart as we speak. It’s being pulled apart by apathy, willful ignorance, deflection of truth, grand standing and lying by our leader, rudeness and lack of respect. It’s time to become active in your local governments, pay attention to what they are doing and most importantly do your own research. Don’t allow your opinion to be molded by forces you can’t see online, don’t pass a meme around as if it is solid fact, question them, challenge their assertions and honor those who challenge them as well, and above all learn to think critically for yourself. Don’t allow Trump to turn you against reputable news organizations.  Hold the government and the media to a higher standard. Learn to discuss and debate the issues without debasing others in the process, learn to look at yourself and recognize where you might need to change your own attitudes and behaviors. Don’t just point fingers and scream.

If you are upset about being left behind then research how that happened. Don’t just give into your anger and then start smashing everything in the house like a bat shit crazy ex. You are better than that, we are better than that. Because what I see from many of the areas that say they’ve been left behind, their main industry changed and some of the changes were made by businessmen to create more wealth for themselves by using automation or by sending many of their operations to countries where there are fewer regulations so they could take advantage of those workers and pocket more of the profits. Demand real solutions from big business and government, don’t let them just give you promises of times past and fill your head with what was. Business changes when society changes and what got you here, most likely won’t take you forward. Demand educational opportunities to learn new skills, learn how you can affect change in your own area, don’t wait for someone else to do it for you. Find a need, fill that need.

Understand the forces that have affected, shaped and changed your environment. You are not as powerless as you might think or feel you are. Don’t be angry at immigrants they are getting a big wooden dick up the ass as well. We are all picking splinters out of our asses at this point, but don’t put your hate on your fellow Americans. Don’t allow them to divide us because then they will win. They have a motivation for everything they do and our benefit is never part of that equation. Never forget that! If you think they will now level the playing field, you are sadly mistaken. Time to do what Americans are known for DIY. Don’t pretend that you can’t see that Trump and Bannon both will turn on all of us in a heartbeat if it suits them and saves their egos.

We will not go gentle into that dark night. Because together we can be a force with which to be reckoned, we can take our government and country back and we can create an equatable society where we ALL prosper OR we can fall for this shit that Trump and Bannon are peddling and cave to anger and fear and continue down the path of separation and heart-ache.  The choice is up to you but you can no longer say “I can’t do anything.”

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