Me thinks he doth protest too much!

Trump is truly a repulsive human, but what I really hate about him is that he doesn’t really believe in anything, except his absolute right to do whatever he wants.
Recently, at yet another political rally in Alabama, he spoke about Colin Kaepernick and called him a son-of-a-bitch and said that coaches should be able to get rid of them and then used his famous little catch phrase “you’re fired!” And then beamed ear to ear, so impressed with his cleverness.
You know, Trump keeps saying that he isn’t a racist but yet, he’s never on the side of color. Me thinks he doth protest too much. Time and time again he sides with the white supremacists on a variety of issues. His actions during Charlottesville were less than stellar, and that is being gracious, and his behavior towards the kids wrongfully convicted as the Central Park 5 was downright vile and his position with the NFL bend the knee controversy.  His candidacy has lauded by the KKK, other prominent white supremacy groups and many other racist trolls who love to grab the mic, which doesn’t speak to his lack of racist behavior and language.  When you are giving racists a woody during your campaign rallies, your message needs some tweaking. I can tell you that none of those groups would be excited about anything that I write or say, and I’m fairly certain that they wouldn’t be applauding me, but looking for wood in order to burn me like the witch they would certainly believe me to be.
What is painfully clear about Trump is that his divisive language isn’t based on deeply held views but based mostly on the approval he gets from the people in the room. He is an attention whore! And he has spent his life trying to get people to pay attention to him. Hence his obsession with his brand.  You can tell by the look on his face that he’s happiest when he’s getting whoops and hollers from the crowd. He can’t live without popularity and praise and he doesn’t care about the pain, conflict or confusion that his statements cause, he only cares about the likes on Twitter or the loud chants, yells and applause from the crowd; which he desperately needs to bolster his fragile ego.  He uses these rallies to blow himself back up after he’s been forced to “adult” for too long.  In essence, he is a car that has run out of gas and needs to fuel up. He can’t stand having to do what others tell him and eventually he has to run off again to find the groups of people who will always approve of his inappropriate behavior. Popularity ratings and approval are like air for this douche bag. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised at all if he re-watches rally videos and masturbates to them. I wonder if the White House housekeeping staff have to wear Hazmat suites? Cleaning up after this creep wouldn’t be a joy. I imagine if anyone needs to find him all they need to do is follow the Cheetos stained fingerprints on the furniture and the Diet Coke spotted carpet.
Now, unlike our President (I still throw up a bit in mouth every time I use that phrase) Colin K. does what he does because of a well-grounded belief system.  He’s standing up for an injustice that affects him and those like him that he believes needs to change. He’s not calling anyone vile names or making threats, he’s just raising awareness which WHITE AMERICA continues to be WILLFULLY IGNORANT about.  Period.
Now many say that Colin’s protest is disrespectful to our soldiers, to our country, and especially to the flag which is what this country represents to them. Some say that the NFL should be able to put restrictions on them as an employer because they are at work. Great, then maybe we should get rid of the practice all together. We don’t stand for the Pledge of Allegiance for all public performances. I’ve never had to stand for the flag at a concert or ballet or play, so why should we stand at sporting events? Why do we allow such practices of patriotism at a sporting event for an industry that makes hundreds of millions of dollars? If you are playing specifically for your country, then it would be appropriate, otherwise I don’t get the point. The fact that the management of the NFL, whose industry is dominated by men of color, hasn’t decided to support them speaks volumes to me.  FYI because I read books, I know the background on much of this discussion so the points I raise are more for the haters in this debate.
Now, as far as disrespecting soldiers, that certainly isn’t a valid reason. Colin isn’t protesting them, he is protesting systemic racism and police brutality. He is not protesting soldiers or overtly trying to be disrespectful to our soldiers or the flag.  As an American, he has the right to express his views openly and using non-violent means. Speaking of our soldiers, they don’t fight for a flag but for what that flag represents. They fight for us which presumably means all of us! You want to make patriotism a talking point? O.k. let’s talk about fucking patriotism shall we? How about knowing that as a person of color, you go off to fight for a country that won’t fight for you. That’s fucking patriotism! Soldiers of color know that they won’t be treated the same as the white soldiers they fight and die along side of.  Let that linger with you a bit. Soldiers of color, from many wars, have always had to deal with the brutal reality that the freedoms they fought for, weren’t evenly applied to them in this country, so to have white people constantly remind them of what it means to be patriotic is just fucking insulting. They day white people go off and fight for freedoms you won’t be able to fully enjoy, is the day that racism ends.
Regardless of the argument you want to use it doesn’t hold water. No matter how people of color choose to voice their views they will be criticized more harshly than their white counterparts. If they are peaceful – you don’t take them seriously, if they are violent – you blame them for not being peaceful and declare them criminals, if they do it in the middle of the street – you feel threatened and if they do it quietly during the Anthem – you claim they are being disrespectful. Would that be the same type of disrespect that early Americans showed when they dumped tea in the Boston Harbor to protest what they viewed as excessive British taxing?  Just remember, one man’s terrorist is another man’s hero.
What disturbs me is that our President is so insecure that he will chase anyone or anything that will feed his fragile ego and make him feel better. He loves the rallies because at the heart of it, he doesn’t want the responsibility of being President, he just wants to be in charge of the pep rallies and do whatever he wants. And he thinks that being President should include him being able to say whatever, however and whenever  he wants without any accountability.  This accountability is probably what he hates most about his current role. Because really for the first time in his life, he is being held 100% accountable for his words and actions.  And now, his behaviors hold legal responsibilities as well. For a compulsive liar that is the literal definition of hell.
There are serious inequalities in this country and they are inequalities WE CAN CHANGE; but that will require a change of heart and mind, that require leadership who understands and has empathy for the various sides of any issue. Personally, I would rather have a country full of Colin K.s than Trumps any day of the week, because I know that if Colin creates wealth he won’t be creating it just for himself but for everyone! If Colin creates justice, he won’t be creating it just for people of color, but for everyone. If Colin creates opportunity, he won’t just create it for a few but for all.  That is something that Trump can’t say he has ever done.
I personally, support people of color boycotting football right now.  I think it would be hugely beneficial for the NFL to see that you can’t gain wealth from a sport that is dominated by men of color and pretend you don’t see the social inequalities that affect them, regardless of the size of their paycheck. If you, as a white person, want to push back against these men who take a knee and dare to raise awareness, you have the right to do so; if you think supporting this thinly veiled racist bullshit makes you patriotic you need to change your definition of patriotism and understand this, you will eventually be seen on the wrong side of history and growth.
Also know that the fact you have that right to express your opinions, no matter how ill-informed those opinions are, you owe that right to men and women black/brown and white alike who fought and died for that right, NOT A FUCKING FLAG!!
When soldiers are in the middle of a heated battle, I can’t imagine that images of the flag come to mind, but images of their loved ones. While on the front lines, they don’t write letters to flags, they write letters to people. The flag is only a visual representation of the greater ideals of the people behind it, it isn’t the sole reason people join our military service. If it was the only representation of a country, then a country would disappear if that flag were destroyed and war would just require a few stealthy ninjas with a match!
Right now we are, as a Nation, deciding what we want “America” to truly mean. Do we want to have the country we say we have, which is the land of the free and home of the brave, where ALL men are created equal and have the right to pursue happiness? If so, it’s time to put up or shut up.
We don’t need more lip service!

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  1. I think you summed it up rather nicely. Good work. I am baffled by the anger and hate. CK is doing what he feels right. He’s not shouting and waving the middle finger around, spewing curses and racist rants. I feel like he’s doing respectful, legitimate protest.
    And maybe that’s what’s been pissing people off who hate him right now–if he’d been waving his middle fingers around and cursing at the top of his lungs, you’d get a disgusted sneer from detractors for one night on the nightly news, an “attaboy” for the guys who fire him, and it’d be business as usual. No, this is in your face quietly, and because nobody can physically retaliate (without becoming a bad guy), they’re stuck.
    Huh–CK might just be a protesting genius, now that I think about it!
    We need some serious changes in this country that make life better for everyone, not just the ones Dump picks and chooses. Nope–we’re supposed to be the USA. We’re supposed to be better than that.


    1. 4FCKSAKE says:

      Yes I think that does get to them that he’s not acting like an out of control so they can’t say, “see how they are!” We do need to change a lot of things. Thanks for your comment.

      Liked by 1 person

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