Saints, spies and super bossy guys

BBC Article

After reading an article on the BBC about a disturbing connection in Russia where Putin is blending religion, nationalism, patriotism and conservatism into one evil mixture I can see America heading in the same direction, especially with this current administration. The current President has a fascination, admiration and even looks up to dictators.  His wonderment seems to be with people who rid their governments of people who criticize them or their decisions. Most of the dictators in the world have realized that religisizing patriotism is like a triple scoop of ice cream, you just can’t go wrong.

Look history shows us that dictators either link government with god or they create a god out of their government and refuse to let anyone worship anything else but the supreme leader/government. Either way, for those on the ground, your ass is being ruled by someone who wants to control you while not holding any accountability.

For most thinking people, this evil cocktail spells danger, like walking through a magnet factory with penis or other sensitive body piercings. OUCH! Although if you are an asshole authoritarian it’s a brilliant move. Why you say? Because when you tie government to religion you get a population who are willing to believe in miracles over facts. YAY! Step 1 accomplished, facts are silly and you don’t need them. You can now actually take money and services away from people and just require them to pray more.

The benefits for you, the authoritarian asshole is that you get to be “god’s broker” on earth and you’re personal responsibility as a leader will be lessened because believers LOVE to venerate and follow saviors with a crazed fanaticism that borders on lunacy. Give them some silly trinkets to hang around their necks and decorate their homes and offices with and they will be yours!!  Then you can define what it means to be a good citizen which feeds into them being good Christians/Jews/Muslims whatever so now that feeds into what they get in the afterlife.  See where this is going? Yep its a downward spiral to “you’re fucked.”

Believers of god learn early on how to turn normal events into the “miraculous” because they are taught to see what isn’t there and they are taught not to seek actual factual based answers.  And why the fuck not, they pray to something that isn’t there and are told that god is working in their lives but he works in mysterious ways so you might not be able to see it.  What a great benefit for the state! You can treat people like shit, give them next to nothing and just require that they stay devoted despite the lack of evidence of god’s or your love or devotion to them. And if you keep them busy with national/religious holidays and make the churches nice opulent places, religion guarantees you will have a constant pipeline of people who are willing to eat shit. And by linking religion and patriotism both practices will become a fanatic force that creates an environment where they police each other and limit criticism towards you because to do otherwise would go against god and government.

See, what leaders like Putin have figured out is that meshing government and religion works much better to their advantage. Followers have been groomed that suffering is good so they actually seek it out, praying is a powerful tool even though most of the time it doesn’t produce a single result they just need that connection (too bad they can’t put that energy into their fellow human beings), if things don’t work out in their favor it means that god said “no,” or that you aren’t being as good as you say and must be dripping in sin, even if you aren’t willing to admit it. Whatever happens to them it will essentially be their fault.

Yes with believers of god you’ve got them by the balls. Because they are counting on this “heaven” place to make up for all the shit they had to eat on earth, while you the supreme leader got to eat cake here and in their eyes will eat cake in heaven. With believers/followers you can also link your fabulous fortune to you being a decent person which ensures that they won’t look deeper to what you are truly doing to fuck them over. So this is a win win for you. Keep them looking to the heavens while you rob them blind on earth. You don’t have to be personally accountable for anything!! You can sit back and abuse your people to your heart’s content because at the heart of the believer is the belief that they are faulty, evil, loathsome sinners. And they’ve been told that no matter if they see proof or not, they have to have faith. Faith means that you and god can both operate without impunity.  What a sweet deal!!  Let the games begin!

It never ceases to amaze me how humans cling to their gods. It’s as odd to see as it would be to see adults in the work place carrying around their childhood teddy bears for comfort because it worked when they were younger.  It’s like we aren’t willing to grow or evolve or learn.

For me it’s fucking odd to see Putin venerate a “saint” knowing many of the crimes he’s been associated with and how he treats people, but what can you do when people refuse to open their hearts and minds and see what’s right in front of them. If they prefer ignorance there’s nothing you can do. You can lead people out of the cave and into the light but you can’t make the see.

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  1. snoflysse says:

    Religion is good for exactly two things: Controlling the uneducated masses while robbing them blind; quelling the fear of death by promising “Heaven” if you follow the ruling party’s brand of faith.
    Politics and religion are the perfect match made in Heaven (Yup, pun intended!).
    You have to admit it it’s quite a master stroke!
    Our species is very slow on the evolutionary train ride. We are barely out of the jungle and it can be very easily manipulated by shiny objects both literally and figuratively speaking.


  2. snoflysse says:

    Religion is good for only two things: Control the uneducated/ignorant masses while robbing them blind; quelling the fear of death and absolve you from sin by the promise of “Heaven” as long as you follow the ruling party’s brand of faith.
    You have to admit it it’s a masterstroke!
    Politics and religion are the perfect match made in Heaven (pun absolutely intended).
    People are like sheep. They blindly follow any movement in fear of getting isolated from the herd.
    Our species is very slowly chugging along on the evolutionary train ride. We are barely out of the jungle and we are very easily manipulated by shiny objects both in a literal and figurative sense.


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