Trumpland. Issues for the new King of Pain.


As we hear more about who the Fuhrer wants to surround him in the White House the more painfully clear the picture becomes.  So recently, the big news was that Trump finalized a deal with Carrier to keep 1,200 jobs (YAY) one of the few campaign promises he hasn’t rolled over on. However, in typical Trump style…no one really knows what the hell is going on or what is really involved in the deal or if the agreement will actually hold up. We don’t know if he made a deal with the devil or if he actually made a deal that will have a long term positive effect on growth in the area, or if it was merely a short term threat. However, that didn’t stop him or his nasty little lap dog Pence from going on a “victory/thank you” tour.  What I love hearing is people who try to make Trump sound like a deep thinker and an altruistic individual and one his biggest fans is Kayleigh McEnanyannnnay, whatever her name is, while talking about his tour she said”he loved being in front of the people on the campaign trail. That’s where he shined.”

Ok blondie put your fucking pom poms down he’s already got a lap dog. Jeezy creezy I really was hoping she was going to disappear after the election, along with that other blonde waste of space Kellyanne Conway, but NOPE, still here and still all up in our grill. Every time I turn around her stupid mug is on the tube with that huge shit eating grin plastered across her face as the Trump cheerleader for whatever CNN shit they gathered the usual suspects round for. Maybe she thinks if she smiles enough and says really great thinks about the Fuhrer he’ll grab her pussy. Good luck love. There are so many things about that man that truly disgust me like the fact that his mouth looks like a tiny pussy on his face when he talks, especially when his lips are pursed together; so I’m pretty sure that making out with Trump’s face does actually count as a lesbian experience.  Ewww. I did just throw up in my mouth a bit. Sorry to any lesbians out there.

What I find truly confounding is why Kayleigh, who has a law degree from Harvard, a foreign service degree from Georgetown, and also studied politics and international relations at Oxford is even giving this tool the time of day and why she lauds such respect on a man so disrespectful of others and who clearly isn’t worthy of such respect. Republican or not, she should have enough education behind her to see this man for the snake oil salesman that he is but she is still trying to sell him to America. She should know better.

Let’s run through what we know of about our Führer, first of all, Trump works for one person and one person only TRUMP and he has never done ANYTHING for anyone that didn’t benefit him. If he has I would certainly LOVE to see that list, which I’m sure could be written on a gum wrapper.  Even now he is still trying to figure out how to keep his businessman job while doing his new job. He is so riddled with conflicts between the two and his businesses and I don’t see that going away anytime soon. His ego simply won’t let him step away from his business life.  Besides, how will he deal with the separation anxiety from Ivanka! She seems to spend more time with her father than her step-mother. Does anyone else think that relationship is a bit weird?  Listening to him minimize his conflicts and their seriousness just convinces me that he and his family will profit HUGELY from his presidency since his tentacles will stretch far and wide. He will take advantage of this situation to line his pockets.

However, back to Kayleigh, while discussing Führer’s upcoming tour she kept mentioning the Führer’s “love for being out in front with the people.”  Oh sweetie pie, I hate to break this news to you, but it isn’t because he loves to connect with his fellow-man, it’s because he loves to be in front of a ton of people applauding him and the stupid and outrageous shit he says while being the ONLY one with a microphone!  He is an ego maniacal demagogue who loves the attention, nay NEEDS the attention.  He needs to have his ego stroked and rubbed to climax daily! To eve  suggest that he is a “great intellect” is as much of a stretch as to say Rosie O’Donnell could be a high paid super-model for Victoria’s Secret and that the Fuhrer would promote her.

Does a great intellect over use “terrific, fantastic, best, awesome, and great?” No but he does because he has no other words to describe many of the complex situations that he discusses.  Truth is when people start talking actual facts and details and issues, his eyes glaze over and he sits there stunned like a deer caught in the headlights, much like that look he had on his face when he met Obama at the White House and got the low down from him on what this “President” job is REALLY all about. And I bet he said that it was more work than a reality telly show or sitting around ranting like a lunatic on Twitter.

Another thing we know about him is that he has a major beef with the media, now some complaints might have some merit. The media in general should be ashamed of themselves! Big finger wag in your direction. Is this what “news” has turned into now that it is 24/7? We are going to beat to death every dead horse in the universe?!  Most of them act like they are hosting chat shows and they constantly parade every critic/consultant/know-it-all on, one after the other in a painful parade to give their not so unique opinion on whatever ridiculous thing the Führer Tweeted. Like the other day it was “what do you think about what he said about flag burning?” Seriously?! This is what needed hours of discussion?

All that being said, he is not a man of great intellect and the main reason he has a beef with the media (besides the fact that they are allowed to speak) is that they might ask him questions he can’t just give bullshit answers to and he might feel stupid. Which I think would be fantastic because it would mean he is capable of feeling something that doesn’t emanate from his nether regions which I’m sure will feel odd.

I keep pinching myself hoping that I’ll wake up but it hasn’t worked so far. I have to somehow have a “come to Jesus moment” on this Trump nonsense and realize that he truly will be President. Saying that out loud still makes my skin crawl and vomit rise in my throat and I feel like I feel down some rabbit hole or swollowed the wrong pill. I just hope the next 4 years go quickly.

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