Trump Tweetasaurus Rex


Oh the joys of President Elect Trump (aka PET for short) and his Twitter shit storms. They used to just be entertaining fodder but now there is that bit of that “OMG Jack the Ripper just jumped out of my closet and is going to kill me” feel about them because he has now been elected to the highest political position in the land.  You can tell by his Tweets that one, he isn’t very sophisticated with the words and two, he has to have the last word and he won’t stop till he gets it!  He just keeps going and going and going and going like a Hitler-esque Energizer Bunny. I really wish I could draw that because the picture I have in my head right now of a Hitler bunny is fucking hilarious!

Trump can’t take criticism, constructive or otherwise, this we are all painfully aware of.  I guess one positive spin to his crazy screwball antics is that he does stand up for those who are in his inner circle and anyone else who finds him interesting like Putin. It’s always nice to try to see the brighter side of life, now that we have Trump in the White House we will all get to practice that skill a lot.  So the two things I gathered from Trump’s recent rant about what happened to Pence when he went to the theater was that Trump himself also has a penchant for dramatics, “Our wonderful future V.P. Mike Pence was harassed last night at the theater by the cast of Hamilton, cameras blazing. This should not happen!” Oh my! Harassment at the theater, blazing cameras! What a travesty, the country is surely going to hell.

Secondly, it appears that he isn’t very well versed in theater behaviour because I’ve been to several shows on Broadway and if there is something particularly interesting going in the world or even with the cast, it would not be unheard of for them to say something at the end of the performance. Now I’m certain that if the cast had applauded and chanted their approval of Trump, and his twisted side kick Pence, he would have taken to Twitter in delight to talk about how great they were and how everyone should go see the show.

Well my Führer, this election really isn’t about YOU! I know that must be heartbreaking, since everything in your universe centers around you; but while you thought your supporters where looking longingly at you like David Duke looks at pointy hats, they were foaming at the mouth over the open seat on the Supreme Court, and all the rights that they could take away from those uppity blacks, women, and gays who have clearly gotten WAY too big for their britches and out of control.

I just want to remind you Mr. Trump that we here in America have these pesky things called rights, like the right to express ourselves and your little tantrum over the cast of Hamilton speaking openly, yet respectfully, to your darling side kick is allowed! Albeit I’m sure not for how long.  Because once you’ve been given the keys to the kingdom you’ll work tirelessly to change all that I’m sure; but for now, it is perfectly legal. And although their little speech wasn’t planned it was done at the END of the performance so no one was cheated out of a great show.

It was lovely to see that nothing has really changed with you.  You might have toned down the vitriol just a bit, but we can still see when someone gives you a little bit of push back, even if done in a respectful way, that you push back twice as hard. How childish of you to feel the need to say “not a great show, overrated and rude people” and whatever else you feel you can say to put them down; instead of actually confronting the concerns of these citizens who are simply expressing their fear that you won’t concern yourself with their lives, desires, rights, or needs.

A mature individual would have used that moment to provide comfort but that’s not you is it.  You never miss an opportunity to put people down and show them their place, which is no doubt under your feet, while you raise yourself up even higher and farther away from the real world that we all live in; which will be disturbingly more bleak very soon.

I fear for you in your new role PET ( I also just threw up in my mouth a bit just saying that). You will need to not only man up, but grow up, and learn how to deal with conflict. However, I’m afraid that you will run the country the way you’ve run your life and your businesses by demanding “it’s your way or the highway” and throwing temper tantrums when you don’t get your way or get respect in the manner you feel it should be shown. Instead you will lash out, attack, demean and sue people who dare to speak out or stand up against you.

And just like your business and personal life, I can already see that you will do the same by surrounding yourself with all of your cronies.  I’m curious, do you have anyone close to you who will have the balls to stand up to you and tell you what you need to hear and not just what you want to hear? I’m sure you don’t, so it will be up to us!  Well buckle up pumpkin cause it might get ugly.

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  1. mjcjdukelucy123 says:

    Well said. This needs to be published in New Yorker , NYT , LA Times and Washingtonian

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  2. mjcjdukelucy123 says:

    Trump PET thought provoking
    Going to watch 13th


  3. mjcjdukelucy123 says:

    MJCJDUKELUCY123 says:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    November 27, 2016 at 6:34 am
    Trump PET thought provoking
    Going to watch 13th


    1. 4FCKSAKE says:

      Let me when you do what you thought and what it brought up for you.


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