Self-awareness is a bitch!

13th Documentary


After a few days of soul searching, I want to share something very personal. I’d just like to say that this post is really directed to the white community. It saddens me beyond belief that our country has chosen hate and that we have chosen a despicable man to represent us. Now there have been many pleas for all of us to just get along and let the animosity of this election go. Although, I agree that we need to find a way forward and forgive each other for what has happened and been said, many of us can’t forget what we have seen and heard. We can’t forget the horrible things that Trump has said or what his supporters have been shown on camera saying.

Whatever your reasons for voting for Trump, whatever he said that motivated you or spoke to you; let’s not brush under the rug the pure hatred he spewed and the absolute disservice he did all of us by yet again, dipping into that all too easily accessible “others” bucket and laying the blame on them for what many see as why “America has left them behind.” He stoked your racist fires and fears and you really can’t deny that. If you didn’t hear that well your racism allowed you to be deaf, and if you did hear it well….you know.

So as a woman who grew up in the south with racist parents so I know well the hidden language and not so hidden language of racism. I myself in different parts of my life used inappropriate language regarding “others”, I’ve told racist jokes, I’ve harbored racist thoughts like not being as concerned about someone’s missing child or relative because they didn’t seem “deserving,” or they did it to themselves. I’ve also spent the last 20 years of my life educating and retraining my sick mind. I can no longer be passive on this issue.

I am being absolutely honest and raw here because the weight of this hate will kill us all! Even those of us wielding the big stick. Racism is a white issue and the fact that it exists in this country is on us. Now those of us, in this day and age, are not the ones who were directly responsible for putting Africans in chains or put them on boats which brought them over, but we STILL participate in racism and that participation allows it not only to continue but grow. What many of us realized in the wee hours of Wednesday morning 11/9/16 is that no matter what strides towards a greater more equal humanity we thought we had made, we haven’t come far enough. We are still chained to racism like a dog on a chain in the backyard, and what Wednesday made horrifyingly clear, is that we were never unshackled, we had only added a few links to that chain. Wednesday we received a very harsh pull on that chain and we have been yanked back.

Racism is ugly but it is up to us white folks to fix it. The communities of color are not responsible for fixing this mess. WE ARE! Let me be very clear here this is OUR issue. They have done their job and told their stories and shared their pain of what our abhorrent behaviors have done to generations of their people. It is time that we truly take steps in recognizing what we’ve done and doing our part to change our hearts, minds, perceptions and actions.  Racism is learned and we can unlearn it!

So this is my personal request to anyone who reads this, I want you all to watch the documentary 13th (it can be found on NetFlix) and for those of you who feel that racism ended when slavery was officially abolished then you will be surprised, it only evolved. And if you are someone who doesn’t feel you are racist, I ask you to watch as well and I ask that you pass this on and that you encourage your friends and family to watch. It’s time to have those uncomfortable conversations. It’s time to get messy. It’s time to admit the wrong and fix it. It’s time to heal and to love. And for those of you who say you love Jesus, ask yourself truly “what would he have done?” If you don’t do it for me, do it for him.

I beg you please. Watch it! If you ever liked, cared, or even loved me at all, please do me this favor. Because I have many friends of color and I love them! And I see them hurting and feel their fear. This documentary will help you see exactly what is going on and how unjust our society is.  I have chosen to use my unique voice to help bring about awareness and action for this issue.  I’m speaking out and I’m going to fight back against racism, so please stand with me because you sure as hell don’t want to be against me!

Please click the link above or go directly to NetFlix to watch it and please pass this on.  If you have any comments, please email:


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  1. nimrodpants says:

    I am with you. Racism is cowardly, reactive and designed for self promotion. Chump didnt even expect to win, with his messages of hate, but he did which shows the level of hate in this country. If we keep needling him he will get back to his ranting on twitter, and eventually will be indefensible. The sooner we stand up to his bullying and expose him and his supporters as the weak, pathetic clowns they are the sooner we can get on with the impeachment. Only then do we have a chance


  2. iarchos says:

    You are correct. Racism needs to start with the white community. But alas, as a white person in a predominantly African American workplace, including an African American boss, I feel that I bear the brunt of repressed anger. I have been misrepresented and disrespected, even while I am on the side of the oppressed. Lets not forget that racism is a two-way street. There are as many black racists nowadays as there are whites. I have seen first hand how the oppressed become like the oppressor once they assume power. When will we all just evolve and learn to put hatred aside? I feel the race issue will never be surpassed in this country. There is a vicious cycle of hatred that feeds another cycle of hatred and oppression on and on.


    1. 4FCKSAKE says:

      I’m not sure we can claim reverse racism since racism denotes an unequal power dynamic. What we experience could be considered prejudice but I would say mostly just anger at the injustices they’ve experienced and they have very negative feelings towards whites but can you blame them? I know it can be difficult to connect with people when they are angry but we need to keep doing it. If they can see we are really reaching out and we are changing our behavior they will start to let their walls down. In regards to your work environment use the feelings it stirs up in you to stay connected to their history. You’ve had to deal with that behavior for a minuscule amount of time compared to them. Use it to help open the hearts and minds of other white people. Thanks for reading and commenting.


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