Doesn’t play well with others.


In a recent article done by NPR Senator John McCain says that Republicans will block any nominee for the Supreme Court if Hilary Clinton is nominated President.

NPR Article

In my mind I can see them stomping their feet and thrashing around on the floor like spoiled little children or Yosemite Sam above when he didn’t get his way.  So let’s recap shall we, last year when Scalia died suddenly, they said they wouldn’t nominate anyone put forth by President Obama, that they would leave this decision up to the next President. However, apparently what we didn’t hear was the “next Republican President” which they muttered under their breath.

So no matter who wins this election, all we “The People” have to look forward to is another 4 years of political temper tantrums with each side tossing the sand about the sand box and threatening to stomp off with their toys. And who suffers? WE DO!

What is horrifyingly clear is that the only reason the Republicans want the White House is so that they can legislate us back to the stone age and make sure that all the people in this country, especially those who read the bible, can continue to use that archaic piece of hate literature to deny others their right to “life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness” especially if it doesn’t jive with their ideas of what is good to pursue. You don’t even have to read between the lines to understand this because they admit it. This is why no matter what Trump says or has said in the past or does will matter to them. As long as he is the Republican Presidential contender and has even a shot in hell of getting into the White House, they will support him because they have their eye on the prize, the BENCH.

Because let’s get real, Donald Trump isn’t really interested in being President for the benefit of anyone in this country, he’s only interested in being President so he can stroke his ego.  If he is elected, that will legitimize the far right’s doomsday mentality and that is very scary and could keep this country mired in racism, bigotry and division for generations to come.  This is the stuff nightmares are made of.  We have made some movement forward in our society to make sure that everyone is included in the “WE THE PEOPLE” and that has really scared many in our country and I know that they just want to go back to a world that is easy for the them to understand. However, the current political climate is only throwing gasoline on an already low burning flame.  Trump is using their fears and telling them that they have every right to be afraid and he’s watering those seeds of illegitimate uneducated thought and his only solution for them is him. He’s the only savior.  Sound familiar?

This type of person should be seen as a charlatan and snake-oil salesman and as a general bully and aggressor because that is what he is. This should be a red flag to people not a banner of hope. Now the Republican party isn’t happy about the Trump situation either, but they will play along in the hope that he gets in, so that they can call in that favor later, “right we got you elected now you have to let us do what we came to do,” and he will have to do it or they will show him just how oppressive the political machine can really be. Because let’s be honest here, neither side is pure of heart or intention.

The fact that both sides are willing to throw all of us under the bus in order to throw daggers at each other is disheartening to say the least. However, here we are AGAIN.  They are telling us that if they don’t get their way, that if the American people choose a non Republican candidate for President they will make sure NOTHING moves in this country.  Haven’t they had enough of this shit?!  Clearly not. I wonder if instead of electing a new President if we shouldn’t send in one those hard core discipline nannies to straighten them all out.

Does no one understand how this “democracy” thing is meant to work? How are we to move forward intellectually and emotionally if we are constantly being bullied and badgered by those who want to keep things status quo because it’s comfortable for them? This statement from the Republicans saying that they won’t cooperate is them saying that they will disregard the voice of the people and won’t allow anything to move forward. There has to be a better way to govern than this. I’m not a huge fan of either party as both of them have issues, however, I can’t deal with the bullying tactics of the Republican party and hate all of their fear-mongering.

As an American I just want to move forward. I’m tired of all the rhetoric and bullshit! Aren’t you? Let’s demand a stop to all this childish nonsense.  Look you spoiled brats in Washington, DC there will be no more milk and cookies if you don’t learn how to play together. DON’T MAKE ME COME OVER THERE. IF I HAVE TO GET UP ON THIS SOFA AND COME OVER THERE YOU’LL REGRET IT!!


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  1. nimrodpants says:

    Perfectly put. I would challenge anyone to demonstrate how this is democracy in action. Anywhere else looks good compared to this. Disappointing. Time for a reset, i have extremely low expectations


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