“Even God can use Trump as an instrument.”

So what you are saying is Trump is a tool?

I’d actually agree with that! As I watched CNN last night, I listened to a woman spouting so much stupidity that even the show’s host had that look on her face “I just can’t. How do you comment on something so stupid?” She actually just ended the interview. I would have loved to hear the hot mic on the conversation that followed that interview.  You know what it’s like when you are around people that stupid that it physically hurts. It hurts your ears, your eyes, your heart.

This woman was being asked if she was still able to support Trump even after the outing of the hot mic conversation which he talks about women as if they are usable and disposable objects for his pleasure. This woman goes off on a religious tirade that left most people with real brains absolutely gob smacked!  She of course didn’t condone the words that Trump said but can let it pass as it was so long ago. She then went off on all the ways that Christian lifestyle was being obliterated and that he was going to help take all that back and went off about the plight of the unborn and the death,”even god can use someone like Trump as an instrument.”

I get the feeling that the Christian fundamentalists/extremists/evangelicals and general nut jobs would forgive Trump ANYTHING so long as he gets into the White House so they have control over the next Supreme Court nominee. Trump could molest children on national television and they would all look away, so long as they can keep pushing him forward to the White House. I’ve been saying this for a while now, the Republicans don’t give 2 shits about governing they are only interested in ruling!

The really just want to fill out the Supreme Court with the most conservative judges so that they can keep dragging things in front of them until they get the laws they want. They want the right to be able to discriminate against homosexuals and transsexuals and anyone else they feel don’t fit in with their view of life which is based solely off the bible. They would LOVE to repeal Roe v Wade and condemn each and every woman to pregnancy no matter the circumstances. These are dangerous people. These are people who want to keep our country and our minds tethered to the Stone Ages. This woman who is part of the Republican political party is more concerned about the unborn than the millions of children languishing in poverty and hunger NOW. She is more concerned that the unborn get the right to be raised in impoverished communities that have no support and aren’t even given an equal chance to succeed; but they will draw a breath, they will be condemned to this thing called life.

In her opinion, if you are enough of a whore to bed a man out of wedlock you deserve what you get! I guess we should be grateful that she doesn’t believe in stoning. I’m sure she couldn’t even comprehend a married woman who gets pregnant by her abusive husband who may even force her to have sex. I’m sure she can’t see how bringing a child into that mix only complicates and doesn’t fill the home with love. These people are firm believers that you deal with what happens to you because they believe and hope god will sort it all out. That’s nice and really fucking naive. They can only see the world from their point of view and NEVER EVER put themselves in the lives of other women. Walk a mile in their heels sister and see what they see. Maybe that would influence how forcefully you push to make these changes.

I know what we’ll get if the Republicans take over the White House, we’ll get a incredibly conservative judge and if any other seats open up during this 4 year stint, we will get more of the same. If they have their way, they will make States rights more important so that if they can go back to their racist and prejudice ways. We know that story and most of us are bored to death with it.

Hey, if you want to get married at 18 and start pushing out kids as soon as possible, go to church, let your husband rule your life, live a god-centered life, don’t drink or do drugs, or have sex out of marriage that’s your prerogative. I’m not going to stop you UNLESS you want to interfere with MY life and MY body! Then you better back off bitch, cause you’ll get a fight.

If you put as much energy into education reform, and by reform I don’t mean making sure all schools preach your fairy tale “god created the world” scenario, but actual education, or even making sure that all children who are here NOW have good food and housing and are safe, our society would be much better off.

If none of that is in your bible then maybe your book isn’t the moral compass it should be!


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