It’s interesting to watch all this coverage about the 11 year old conversation that Trump had talking about grabbing pussy. We all know that men and women both when among our own sex will talk about the other. Guys will brag, girls will too. However, although I’ve had conversations about men with other women where we sat around and objectified some really hot guy, we’ve never ever discussed sexually assaulting them. “I’m so famous and popular¬†I can do whatever I want to him, I love just going up and grabbing some guy’s dick and why not? I can.” Said no woman ever!!

I thought the whole point of these types of conversations was to inflate how much people want you? How they are throwing themselves on you, not how you can just move about groping people like some deranged pedophile in a school yard. That bit is really strange. Now normally I don’t think many people would think twice about this kind of conversation except that Trump has been saying repulsive things for YEARS! And it seems to go along with the repulsive shit he says even now. What’s disturbing for me as a voter is I hear him say one thing, then when he receives backlash he says “well that’s not really me, it was a joke” or some other lame ass shit; so how am I to be confident in you as a politician? I don’t even know you. After all this time we can’t say for sure this is Trump and that isn’t. If your ego is so fragile that you have to get into these types of conversations to impress some reporter on a celeb show, you are not the man for me.

However, all of his actions and words seem to support his ways of being which don’t speak highly of him and his actions. He seems to feel that because he has been some sort of “celebrity” that it should afford him “liberties.” He has the liberty to take advantage of the tax code, why not “everyone else does” and he has the liberty to treat women any way he wants because they will be too filled with shock and awe when he makes an inappropriate move, he feels like he’s too “celebrity” to pay off vendors, or be honest about his university, or to even pay people a fair wage. He seems to be the type of guy who would put cameras in the restrooms and dressing rooms so he can watch people. Eww. He’s admitted he would go back to the dressing room under the guise to “make sure everyone is o.k.” just so he can see them naked, yeah he’s that guy!

So I think that our outrage is justified in this case. Do we really want someone like him representing our country? Is he going to try and lurk over Angela Merkel like he did Hillary? Is he going to sit and have grotesque conversations with Putin about how to milk the system to keep as much as he can for himself, or maybe him and Kim Jong-un will get hammered and go on a pussy grabbing adventure somewhere in a third world country where people feel powerless. What else would two spoiled, entitled, immature, pompous air bags do?!

I think we need someone who does and acts better not because he’s being forced to live up to the letter of the law; but because he knows it is right and someone who says “of course I used every tax loophole, why not” like it’s no big deal that he cheated the American public out of millions of dollars of tax money is NOT it. Not even close.

I know that their are many people who feel that we need his “toughness,” well we don’t. We need to back away from this image of being the rough and tough Americans because the honest truth is to many, WE ARE the bullies on the world stage. That is the image many countries have of us and why wouldn’t they? We go to third world under-developed countries and take massive advantage of their human capital and basically treat them like shit. Then with the cheap ass goods we get from them we live good lives and create movies that inflate our happiness and create a desire for greed. Our financial institutions caused a huge economic crisis that many are still trying to recover from while many of our executive’s pay has increased. We support misogynistic systems all over the world and interfere in all the wrong ways and keep quite with others that we should stand against.

That may have served us at one point in time, but it no longer does. The world has changed and successful countries will be those who can change along with it, who can adapt their national personality to fit the current needs of the world and what the world needs most definitely is compassion and empathy, and for us to act with a sense of “oneness” ; not xenophobic attitudes of hate directed towards a perceived “other.”

One question I have is why now? Why hasn’t all of this come to light sooner? Did people sit by thinking that America couldn’t possibly sink so low as to allow a reality television star to run for President? ¬†Because honestly, I’m sure there is much more out there and many people didn’t give it much thought because who really cared about what some gas bag millionaire business man thought or even said. Well we care now!

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